FPA and TD Ameritrade Institutional enter a new strategic relationship to support FPA members

With an eye toward helping financial planners build stronger businesses and better serve the needs of their clients, FPA and TD Ameritrade Institutional have entered a new strategic relationship to distribute thought leadership content to CFP® professional members of FPA.

Registration is now open for the 2018 FPA Annual Retreat!

If you have never attended the FPA Annual Retreat, you have missed out on one of the most inspiring, energizing experiences available for the financial planning community. The event brings together thought leaders and practitioners of all backgrounds to engage

Big Thank You to all the Symposium Buddies

Thank you from the Career Development Committee to all the Symposium Buddies: Nick Andresen Laura Pechacek Ben Wacek Steve Gilbertson Tiffany Walker Amber Miller Sara Kantor

Join the Cybersecurity Working Group and Tackle the Cyberthreats to Your Business

As thefts go, a cyberattack is not an easy thing to grasp.  It doesn’t have much in common with the crimes we see on TV. No masked men, no get away cars. Instead it happens with a constant barrage of

FPA MN First Year Member Morning Networking– Metropolitan Ballroom, Golden Valley – Gallery

October Anniversaries – New Members

35 Years Buzz Moen, CFP® 25 Years John Barbier, ChFC Anne Kiefer, CFP® Doug Ritter, CFP® 15 Years Larry Altman, CFP®, CLU ​10 Years Ronald Hume Tim Schaefer, CFP® Kris West 5 Years Trevor Christian Amelia Gieschen Kristy Gusick Jason

FPA Member-Get-a-Member Program

As an incentive to recruit new members, the Member-Get-a-Member dues reward is doubled through the remainder of 2017! For every member you recruit, you save up to $50 on your membership dues. And the person you refer saves too! Refer

Maximizing the Value of Voluntary Workplace Benefits

Each year the arrival of fall marks the onset of a different kind of season, one in which a window of opportunity opens for working Americans to take advantage of the benefits they’re offered at work. It’s called benefits “open

What Diversification Can Do for You (and Your Assets)

Stock investors love a bull market. But what about when the stock market heads south, like it did less than a decade ago, during the Great Recession? As an investor, would you be content to enjoy much, but perhaps not

September Anniversaries – New Members

45 Years Paul Kenworthy, CFP® 35 Years Ross Levin, CFP® Bob Steffen, CFP® 25 Years Paul Stein, CFP® ​20 Years Nick Houle, CFP®, CPA/PFS, MBT 10 Years Casey Anderson, CFP® Cheryl Coombs, CFP®, CPA Steve Gilbertson, CFP® Derek Hicks, CFP®