Your 401(k) and Prudently Managing It

Slowly but surely over the past several decades, the 401(k) retirement plan, which puts the responsibility for building a retirement nest egg on workers, typically without much help from their employers, has supplanted the traditional pension plan to become the

Long-Term Care, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance: Worthwhile Protection or Waste of Money?

As long as human beings have walked the earth, they’ve been exposed to risk — risks that threaten their health and well-being, their property, their lifestyle and their livelihood. Insurance affords us protection for those moments when risk becomes reality.

Minnesota Commerce chief says elder financial abuse needs urgent response – Minnesota Commerce chief says elder financial abuse needs urgent response – November 20, 2016 John Heath is part of a boom industry. Financial exploitation of the elderly. Heath, 45, an Edina financial adviser, is scheduled to be sentenced

The Emergency Fund: Why, How Much, How to Build One and Where to Keep the Money

Insurance protects us from a wide range of risks that accompany our day-to-day lives. Yet there’s none available specifically to protect people from one of the biggest risks there is: unforeseen financial emergencies. So when someone unexpectedly loses their job

How Much is Too Much? Understanding How Much to Hold of Any One Investment

The emotional and financial scars left by the stock market plunge that decimated so many nest eggs during the economic turmoil of 2008-2009 may have faded, but the lessons from the Great Recession apply as much today as ever. And

How many bank accounts does a person need? – How many bank accounts does a person need? – Jason Kley, October 29, 2016 While opening additional credit cards or deposit accounts to receive a one-time discount or capture an attractive interest rate may make financial sense in

Fulfilling Philanthropic, Charitable Desires, Even When Finances Are Tight

The desire to give back — to donate something of value to a favorite cause — is there, but perhaps the room in the budget to make a monetary donation isn’t. Fret not, because when your heart says “Give” but

A Dozen Ways Financial Planning Can Benefit You — Now and in Any Stage of Life

What’s keeping you from gaining a better handle on your finances and your future?  It could be a preconceived notion about financial planning. Financial planning isn’t just for the wealthy, nor is it just for people who have retirement in

Tap Social Security Benefits Early or Wait?

When is the best time to start taking Social Security payments in order to maximize the benefits you’ve worked long and hard to earn, while ensuring that income from the federal program is there when you need it? “Simple question,

College Prerequisite: Preparing an Undergrad to Handle Their Own Finances

Now, more than a decade after graduating from college, Casey Van Zutphen can admit it: The time his parents — and especially his father — invested to teach him about managing his finances as an undergraduate has paid off in