**The following statement was distributed to Minnesota media outlets on June 5, 2016** Statement from the Financial Planning Association of Minnesota: Don’t panic! Over the last 12 days, financial planners from all over the state have received inquiries from their

Borrowing & Lending, Friends & Family: Making a Sensitive Dynamic Work

John wants to buy a new car. His savings will get him part of the way to meeting the purchase price, but he’ll need to borrow money to make up the difference. Trouble is, the only auto loan for which

Life Insurance FAQ: Who, What, Why, When and How Much?

We can’t predict exactly when life will throw us an unexpected curveball, but we can at least prepare ahead of time, so when something unforeseen inevitably happens, we’re in a solid position to handle it. It’s in preparing for the

Keep Your Financial House in Order: 11 Tips to Stick to a Spending Plan

If you’re a person who has goals that require money to achieve, if you’re someone who wants greater control over your finances or your spending habits, or if you just want a clearer idea of where your hard-earned money is

How Secure Is Your Personal Financial Information? Better Ask Your Advisor

Hackers and other scammers lurk around every corner of cyberspace, seeking ways to penetrate firewalls and other digital security systems to steal people’s personal information for their own gain. In 2015, for example, the Identity Theft Resource Center ( logged

The Right Time — and the Right Way — to Refinance a Mortgage

Mortgage rates have dropped again, and now you’re wondering, is refinancing the right move? And if so, how to go about getting the best refinancing deal? The more you know about the refinancing process, the better equipped you will be

Nine Tax Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

All it took was a quick glance at the young woman’s federal tax return form for Certified Financial Planner™ Austin Lewis to spot an important omission — one that could net the college student a valuable $2,500 American Opportunity Tax

Double-Edged Sword: Right and Wrong Times to Rely on a Credit Card

Americans love their plastic. Indeed, an estimated 167 million U.S. adults own at least one credit card, and most own more than one, according to There’s a dark underbelly to that reliance on plastic, and it’s called debt. The

15 Signs You Need a Financial Planner

You wouldn’t depart for an important trip without a clear idea of how to get to your destination — or at least without a GPS or map to show you how to get there. The same logic applies to your

What It Means to Work With a Financial Fiduciary

Financial professionals — the people we hire to handle various aspects of our financial lives, from managing investments to planning for retirement and much more — come with a head-spinning variety of monikers, specialties and areas of expertise. A title