Living on a Lower Income: 10 Tips to Stay Financially Afloat Through the Covid-19 Crisis

All it took was a matter of weeks for the Covid-19 pandemic to turn what had been a prolonged period of low unemployment into a muddle of lay-offs, pay cuts, furloughs, lost income and overall unemployment levels not seen since

Finding Relief from Financial Anxiety During the Covid-19 Crisis

If you’re stressed about your financial situation, if you’re worried about covering your expenses from week to week and month to month, if you’re fretting about your employment status or about finding work after losing your job, if you’re concerned

The CARES Act: What the Coronavirus Relief Package Can Do for You

It was President John F. Kennedy who famously said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” As the current global health crisis has made clear, the compact between the U.S.

Taking Advantage of the Federal Tax Filing Extension

The pandemic-stricken American public had reason to emit a deep sigh of relief this spring after the U.S. Treasury Department announced a timely — and in many cases urgently needed — postponement of the deadline for filing 2019 federal income

Staring Down the Bear [Market]: Investing Insights in Response to COVID-19

It will forever be remembered as the COVID-19 Crisis of 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic turned an unprecedentedly long bull market into a bear market in the matter of a week. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic brought a halt to a

7 Tips to Protect and Preserve Your Financial Well-Being When the World’s on the Brink of Recession

Suddenly a big “What if?” has become a big “What now?” Not only has the longest economic expansions in recent American history come to an abrupt end as a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, economies around the world have

A Financial Readiness Guide for First-Time Home Buyers – Part 2

You’ve been a renter, a tenant, for long enough. Now you’re ready to say goodbye to the landlord and become a homeowner yourself for the first time. You are not alone. The credit bureau TransUnion projects at least 8.3 million

The Pros, Cons and Complexities of Early Retirement Account Withdrawals

The temptation to dip into retirement assets early can be powerful, especially during financially stressful circumstances. Unexpected job (and income) loss. A huge college tuition bill. A disability or health issue that cuts into earning power and brings unanticipated medical

Inside the SECURE ACT: How New Law Could Impact Your Money, Your Savings Habits and Your Retirement

When the SECURE Act became law in late 2019, it was widely hailed as a step forward for people seeking greater financial security and flexibility in retirement. “Passing the SECURE Act is a big victory that will help ensure that

To Rent or Own a Home? Guidance to Decide What’s Best for You – Part 1

Owning a home has long been considered an integral part of the American Dream, something to aspire to and, at least in general terms, a viable course of action for people seeking to own a hard asset whose value potentially