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chapter meeting

Chapter Meeting
September 19

Golden Valley Country Club

P u r c h a s e
W e b i n a r

Hr 1: For the Love of Philanthropy with presenter Mike Ricci
7:30 am - 10:00 am

Hear former wealth advisor Mike Ricci share the truths he uncovered as he journeyed from asset management and financial planning to philanthropy and foundation work. You will learn how to identify the philanthropic clues of your clients and ask good questions to facilitate philanthropic discussion into your practice. You will better understand the tools available in the charitable toolbox and see how philanthropy can enhance your practice, enrich client relationships, and ultimately, bring about a better world.

Hr 2: Unlocking the Power of Philanthropy for Your Clients with presenters Sheryl Morrison, Tom Wesely & Gregory Carlson
This session will teach attendees how to raise the idea of philanthropy with their clients and help clients identify their philanthropic capacity. A case study will highlight several charitable giving strategies and issues, including the use of outright gifts, charitable remainder trusts and investments, and retirement plan assets. Attendees will learn to identify when those strategies can be appropriate and which donors might consider those types of gifts.

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Sit Mutual Funds

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