Financial Professionals

2018 Symposium

Chapter meeting
November 20

Golden Valley Country Club
The Power of Purpose and Your Purpose Checkup
7:30 - 10:00 am

Presenter: Richard Leider - Speaker, Author, Coach
Founder, Inventure – The Purpose Company

Based on Richard’s bestselling book, The Power of Purpose, this presentation provides YOUR PURPOSE CHECKUP. Money, medicine, and meaning are all essential to a healthy life. Most of us advocate doing regular financial and physical checkups. So, we might be wise to also do regular purpose checkups. Science can now explain that purpose is not a luxury. It is, in fact, fundamental to health, healing, happiness, longevity, and productivity. This presentation will help you discover how to renew your “gifts, passions, and values” and bring them to work every day. It will help you to discover the power of purpose and share simple practices to live it and help your clients and colleagues do the same.

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