Pro Bono Outreach

How Can a
Financial Planner Help?

Financial planning involves all kinds of everyday money matters, such as designing a household spending plan, managing credit card bills, choosing insurance policies or refinancing a mortgage. It means setting and reaching goals, now and in the future, to get one’s financial life organized and working. From insurance claims and taxes to paying for children’s education and planning for retirement, an FPA volunteer can help qualified pro bono clients with all kinds of needs.

What services
are available?

  • Seminars and workshops for individuals and families:
    • Basic financial literacy
    • Budgeting
    • Debt management
    • Understanding insurance
    • Building savings
    • Customized programs
  • Seminars and workshops for staff of partner organizations
  • Individualized counseling

Members of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) are available to offer pro bono assistance to those in need with no strings attached. Whether providing educational seminars or individualized counseling, volunteers can assist victims of natural disasters, individuals with medical crisis, military personnel dealing with long deployments and other qualified individuals, families and businesses.

FPA volunteers provide unbiased financial advice with no sales or promotion of products or services. They do not sell products or services while engaged in pro bono activities. There is no charge, no commitment, no pressure – just unbiased financial advice.

Resource List

This is a complete list of credible links for information and specialized services covering everything from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to taxes, credit counseling and saving for college. It is a listing of vital resources useful to everyone.

Financial Resources

How can I get assistance?

Email us or call us at (763) 781-1212.  We have adjusted gross income limitations of $20,000 for single clients, and $40,000 for married households, but these may be waived for clients referred by our non-profit partners: Prepare + Prosper and all branches of the deployed military. Please review the attached Confidential Client Questionnaire, Letter of Engagement and the ProBono Guidelines. These are documents that you will need to read and or fill out prior to your consultation.