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Virtual Chapter meeting
July 21

ZOOM Please register via Cvent
11:30 am - 2:00 pm
Presenter: Dr. Carolyn McClanahan, M.D., CFP®

Hour 1: Implementing Health Care into Wealth Care
Health care planning is a significant unknown for financial planners and their clients. Organizations such as Fidelity and Employee Benefit Research Institute offer averages, and we know there is rarely an average person. Dr. McClanahan helps you refine how to plan for this unknown and how to effectively use health care information in various aspects of the planning process by:

  1. Teaching you how to have easy and informative discussions with clients about health issues and how these issues may impact client planning
  2. Understanding the client’s health care mindset so they can understand their part in controlling health care costs
  3. Showing you how to incorporate the client’s health care status with insurance planning, income planning, and advance directive planning

Hour 2: Planning for the Big Four Financial Challenges of Aging
Aging presents many challenges. Transitioning financial decision making, changes in living situations, when to quit driving, and how to make health care decisions are the four key situations where people can face financial and emotional strain if preparations have not been made in advance. Dr. McClanahan discusses putting preventive practices in place to help make better decisions during these transitions. She will share her processes and forms she uses in planning for aging.

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