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FPA of MN 2018 Organizational Manual
FPA of MN 2018 Job Descriptions

Executive Committee
We are here to serve our FPA of MN community by personally embracing the primary aim and core values of the Financial Planning Association.  At the heart of our service is our membership.
Career Development
The Career Development Committee is dedicated to supporting the FPA in its efforts to build a strong professional community, especially through those new to the profession.
Financial Education
The Financial Education Committee promotes volunteer opportunities for the FPA of MN members that focus on financial literacy, education, and outreach to students and the public.
Member Experience (Retention)
The Member Experience Committee goal is to have the FPA of MN members realize and experience the values of being a member of FPA. Enhance FPA of Minnesota's membership value, understand and respond to member needs by providing extraordinary benefits and activities and the connections that enhance their practice and service to their clients.
New Member (Recruitment)
The New Member Committee mission is the recruitment and integration of new members during the first year of membership. We promote the growth of FPA membership by greeting guests at the chapter meetings, serving as a chapter guide for their first year, hosting networking social events for new members, and staffing an information booth at the Symposium.
The NexGen Committee creates opportunities for growth, education and networking for FPA MN members 36 and younger, promoting the vision and mission of the both the national FPA NexGen group and the FPA MN chapter. The NexGen committee works to uphold and grow the community of NexGen within FPA MN membership with inspiration, encouragement and support for members of FPA.
The Partnership Committee strives to inform partners and potential partners about the benefits of FPA of MN and to nurture mutually-beneficial relationships between FPA and its partners. It is the Partnership Committee’s objective to encourage partners to be involved with the FPA community and to take advantage of their various benefits in order to maximize their partnership dollars and retain their partnership commitment.
Happy Partners = Healthy Chapter.
Pro Bono
The Pro Bono Committee knows that making wise financial decisions aligned with one’s values is what allows people to live a great life by their own definition. As such, we believe that every person/family deserves quality, comprehensive and unbiased advice regardless of their financial means or background. We passionately serve the underserved members of our community who are going through a time of financial crisis, need quality advice, but for one reason or another cannot afford to pay for it. Since numerous studies have shown that the best results come from one-on-one consultations, we facilitate venues throughout the year to connect those in need with a CFP® advisor in an individual consulting conversation. In so doing, we help our community members achieve personal and professional fulfillment.
Professional Issues
The Professional Issues Committee tracks legislative and regulatory issues and other developments relevant to financial planners. We work on developing and maintaining a relationship with legislators and regulators through our advocacy efforts. We also spend time discussing and considering best practices on issues that financial planners face every day. We seek to inform and promote discussion on issues such as cybersecurity and eldercare through our writings in FPA publications. We look to highlight the steps all financial planners need to address in order for financial planning to be recognized as a profession.
With the interest of the membership in mind, the Programs Committee ensures the monthly programs have a strong educational basis as well as engaging, non-soliciting speakers. By polling the members on topic, speakers, and location, we attempt to identify their wants and needs in an effort to maximize membership attendance.
Public Relations
The Public Relations committee is dedicated to communicating the value of the FPA of Minnesota and financial planning to the public, media, and financial planning community.
We will help fulfill the FPA of MN mission by creating an event that fosters competent, committed and ethical members, provides educational enrichment and networking opportunities, assists members in achieving professional growth and personal fulfillment and provide support to other FPA of MN committees to better help the financial service community as a whole.
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